Monday, May 20, 2013

Caught shouting on the parking lot.


May 17, 2013- I'Vice Ganda mo'ko was held on Araneta. Comedian Vice Ganda doomed the whole big dome as he spread happiness to over 15,000 people who attended the concert. But speculations centered on couple, Yael Yuzon (SpongeCola vocalist) and girlfriend Karylle Tatlonghari (Actress, singer, host) as they were spotted shouting on a parking lot while the event was proceeding.

Yael and Karylle together with ZsaZsa Padilla were caught together arriving on the big dome to watch Vice Ganda's third concert. But instead of finishing the show, Yael Yuzon didn't continue the show and left his sit. His girlfriend Karylle followed him all through out the parking lot where they were caught shouting, "Ano ba ang problema mo?" Since there are people near the said parking area, Yael left crying. On the other hand, Karylle went back inside Araneta to continue and support her co-host/loveteam Vice Ganda and laughed along like nothing happened.

(Break-up still not confirmed)

Yael and Karylle: Split up?

May 18, 2013- Yael Yuzon, a vocalist of Spongecola was said to be spotted leaving on a bar crying after breaking up with girlfriend, Karylle. 

On the said night, the couple was invited at Space Bar for a thanksgiving party. The thanksgiving party was organized for comedian, Vice Ganda for his success on his concert, I-Vice Ganda mo'ko sa Araneta where Yael and Karylle were also spotted. It was noted that Yael left the concert earlier causing for speculations to grow that the couple had a misunderstanding. Rumors spread that Yael broke up with Karylle because of minimal time the actress/singer alots for him. Netizens all over the globe even speculated that there was a third-party between the two which is inflicted to be Vice Ganda.

Although the two haven't spoken yet about the rumors, people were shocked about this news.